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The music runs through the veins. Whatever genre the ears listen to, music is one of the few real things capable of moving us through all five senses. Listening to it live is a real gift to fill our inner being with rhythm, feelings, sensations and emotions.  And although any place is good to leave everything for a moment and dedicate a few minutes to enjoy the power of music, Málaga is one of the best cities where you can let the music run through your veins until you make your body hair stand on end with every note. 

If you are one of those who feel live music as an experience beyond the sound itself, you can not miss these places to listen to live music Málaga.


Live music in Málaga center

Málaga is a city that enchants those who have the pleasure of knowing it. Its gastronomy, climate, leisure and its people make both the center and the surroundings exude charm from every corner. Music, of course, is also a fundamental axis of the capital of the Costa del Sol. 

Take note of the following places to listen to live music Málaga, and enjoy a sensitive and inexplicable experience: 

Theatro Club Málaga

It is undoubtedly one of the bets of the center in terms of leisure and entertainment. Located in the central Plaza de las Flores, Theatro Club Málaga is a place to enjoy live music at sunset with a wide variety of drinks to accompany. 


Velvet Club

Located on Comedias Street, this cozy club offers live music and concerts in an independent style: pop, rock and even open mic sessions. In the Velvet Club the variety of concerts and the quality of the live music makes this place the perfect space to create the future referents of the national independent music. 



In this 90’s venue you can enjoy live music with grunge sound, watch movies and even videos of the time. You can find it in Juan de Padilla street.


It is advisable to be able to visit all of them by public transport, but sometimes reconciling schedules with the trip planning is a bit complicated, so we recommend that you rent a car to move more easily around the city and go to the places you want to go with peace of mind.


Restaurants and beach bars with live music.

The Central Market of Atarazanas is the perfect combination of flavor, culture and art. And of course, music can also be the perfect ally to complement a gastronomic evening and make that moment a complete experience. Málaga, city protagonist of great gastronomic delicacies, offers a perfect bet where to combine taste experiences with acoustic experiences. 

If you like to enjoy food with live music in the background, the following places are a must:


Balneario de los Baños del Carmen

The Balneario de los Baños del Carmen is much more than a restaurant, it is a mythical space of the identity of the city of Málaga. The views that can be enjoyed from there are a point to add to the overall experience that you can get there. A wonderful environment, by the sea and listening to live music every weekend afternoon. 


Candado Beach

Located in a unique natural environment, the beach and the sea are the protagonists of Candado Beach. Its menu offers a wide variety of dishes inspired by Andalusian cuisine that combine perfectly with the environment and the sound of the waves that surrounds the place. At night the experience can be even more idyllic with live concerts or nightly DJ sessions. 


Kaleido Port

In the port of Málaga you can find Kaleido Port, a leisure space located in front of the sea and with views to remember. The perfect place to enjoy an evening while listening to live music. 


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Málaga Jazz Clubs


And for the faithful jazz lovers, Málaga has a wide jazz route that is constantly growing with the addition of new places to enjoy this magical sound.  


CAMM Jazz Club

Calle Flauta Mágica 30 is the Centro de Artes y Música Moderna of Málaga, which transforms its auditorium into a jazz club on Thursday nights. It is advisable to check schedules and line-up before going to the venue as the concerts and artists change every week. 


Necker Jazz Club

On Avenida de Príes 18 is this picturesque place where any type of art has a place. A multipurpose room where you can enjoy live music in a much closer way. Check its program to find out when the next jazz sessions will take place. 


The Hall

It is the new hall on the road to Cadiz. Located at Calle Héroe de Sostoa 65, in The Hall you can listen to all genres of music but jazz is one of the biggest attractions of the place because even the owner is a saxophonist and a great lover of this musical style.


Clarence Jazz Club

In the heart of the city, at the foot of the Cathedral of Málaga, is the Clarence Jazz Club, which, as its name suggests, is characterized by offering jazz concerts. With a very New York decor, within the walls of this place you can enjoy not only jazz, but also other musical styles such as blues, soul and funk. Every week they offer concerts of national and international artists. 


Larios Jazz Club

In the central street Marqués de Larios jazz comes every Friday night within the walls of the Hotel Room Mate Larios. Check availability and upcoming sessions on the web 


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