Places to Eat in Málaga Like a Local

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There are a few things you really have to know about Málaga if you want to feel like an average local. One is that everything here is about food: social activities, work meetings, family reunions… The other is that dinner can happen anytime between 8 and 11pm.

So, if you want to experience the city following the local traditions, just keep on reading to know the best places to eat in Málaga.

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Casa Lola

Although Casa Lola has three restaurants, the one in Calle Granada is still the most emblematic. What makes Casa Lola one of the best places to eat in Málaga is its incredible scope of tapas to offer: northern-style pintxos, patatas bravas (potatoes with a spicy sauce), oxtail croquettes, gazpacho and house recipes.

El Pimpi

One of the top, not to be missed places to eat in Málaga is definitely El Pimpi. Probably the most famous and iconic restaurant of the city, it’s located in a wonderful eighteenth century building owned by the renowned entertainer Antonio Banderas, near the Picasso Museum.

El Pimpi offers the chance to drink a Moscatel, a sweet wine from Málaga in a winery encompassed by oak barrels signed by celebrities while relishing the staggering views of the Amphitheatre and the Alcazaba. Not only that, El Pimpi also has a menu with numerous Andalucian typical dishes.

El Tintero

Apart from more classic restaurants with tapas and wine, we have El Tintero, a chiringuito or ocean side café that invites you to take a seat on the sun-dappled porch, at a shaky table with a paper tablecloth.

Once seated, wait until a waiter comes out of the kitchen loaded with plates while yelling the name of the dishes they’re carrying. If some of the food looks appealing to you, beckon them over.

This certainly atypical way of ordering makes El Tintero a perfect place to add to your places to eat in Málaga list.

Óleo Restaurante

Óleo Restaurante is the number one place to eat in Málaga for those who have a passion for art. Close to the Contemporary Art Museum (CAC), furnishes an extraordinary eating experience with its incredible riverside porch. Its culinary manifestations join Mediterranean dishes with nouvelle food and a trace of Japanese style. That eastern punch has positioned its sushi as the most incredible in the city. The chance of sharing is also worth mentioning!

El Gastronauta

Spain is divided into two different people: the ones that follow the traditional Valencian recipe and the others that are a bit more imaginative with the ingredients. In Málaga it’s typically prepared with a mix of chicken and seafood.

Close to the Jardines de Pedro Luis Alonso is located El Gastronauta, one of the best places to eat in Málaga according to locals and visitors. It offers different kinds of paella: vegetarian, with seafood…

Brunchit Coffee and Kitchen

For the places to eat in Málaga at some point between breakfast and lunch, hit the Brunchit Coffee and Kitchen in Calle Carretería to enjoy a pile of fluffy pancakes with chocolate sauce, Benedictine eggs or homemade smoothies with fresh fruit.

Casa Aranda

When talking about the best places to eat in Malaga, we must list Casa Aranda. It’s a cafeteria that lets you enjoy one typical breakfast: churros with chocolate. But no worries, they’re also available during the evening!

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