Botanical Gardens Málaga Christmas Lights Show

Botanical Gardens Málaga Christmas Lights
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Since last year, Málaga celebrates Christmas in the Botanical Garden with a spectacular Christmas lights show.  The new attraction called Stela, presents the magical journey of the Three Wise Men following the Star of the East.

Málaga Botanical Gardens Christmas lights show was launched on Sunday November 27 and will end on January 8. If you are interested in places to visit near Málaga, this is a great option.


STELA, the journey of the star of the east

STELA tells the story of the Three Wise Men from a new perspective, a story known to all as you have never been told before. The Botanical Garden of Málaga will be transformed into the stage for the most important journey of the Spanish Christmas tradition.

Millions of points of light illuminate a renovated route of more than 2.2 kilometers in length where more than 20 light installations will transport visitors to historical places such as Persia, Babylon or Bethlehem. 

When night falls, the Botanical Garden Málaga will become even more beautiful as the illuminations transport those following the route to a completely new world of mystery and magic.



You will be able to visit Málaga Botanical Gardens Christmas lights show between 18.00 and 21:00, when the last session will start. The venue will close its doors at 22:30. It will also be closed on December 24 and 31, 2022 and January 5, 2023.


How to get to the Botanical Garden Málaga

The Botanical Garden Málaga lights show is situated on the outskirts of the city, the address is Camino del Jardín Botánico, 3 (29014). You can get there either by bus in lines number 2 or 91 and then take a short walk to the gardens (15 minutes) or you can get a car hire Malaga with Del Paso to get there more easily.

Food during the visit

A wide range of dining options awaits you at the Botanical Lights of Malaga along the route in places with Christmas decorations, inviting you to take a short break during your magical journey.

Entrance fee

  • Adults: From Monday to Thursday 12€, and from Friday to Sunday 14€.
  • Under 18 years of age: From Monday to Thursday 10€, and from Friday to Sunday 12€. 
  • Students/Functional diversity/Over 65 years old: From Monday to Thursday 10€, and from Friday to Sunday 12€. 

It also has promotions for group visits, check their web page and choose the one that best suits you.

Come and enjoy the Botanical Garden Málaga Christmas light show and enjoy this magical Christmas atmosphere. If you are looking for cheap car hire malaga airport try with Del Paso Car Hire, and visit the most beautiful places in Málaga.

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