Top Nudist Beaches Around Málaga

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If you love being topless at beaches but the beaches around you don’t allow it, then you should definitely visit the nudist beaches of the Costa del Sol in Málaga. At Málaga naturist beaches, going more than topless is a norm so you are not offending anyone by doing so.


Moreover, you will get the advantage of leaving your swimwear at home and a lot of your luggage will become lighter and hence you will not be met with any luggage restrictions from airlines. These beaches are away from the main roads or highways and are set in the most beautiful settings with not so overly crowded.


The sunshine coast:

The most visited coastline of Spain is Costa del Sol. Tourists love to visit this coastline to play in the surf and soak up the sun. If you want to see how getting back to nature feels like then you should definitely pay a visit to these best nudist beaches where you can wear nothing but only a smile. These beaches fall into three categories that are, designated nudist only, gay-friendly and nudist and mixed clothed and non-clothed.


Here is the list of best nudist beaches around Málaga:

  1. Costa Natura:

Costa natura is located in the municipality of Estepona, which is on the westernmost part of Costa del Sol. When it was inaugurated in 1979, this was the first naturist resort of Spain. This area has apartments which have easy access to the nudist beach that is about 400 m long. This beach is visited by the tourists who have adopted the culture of nudism as their lifestyle. There are all ages of people as well as families who love and enjoy the atmosphere. Sunbeds are also offered at the beach in addition with showers and toilets.


  1. Artola beach, Marbella:

Artola beach or caba pino is located in Marbella, which is surrounded by dunes and pines. It is 1200 m long where a part of it is dedicated to naturism and the other to the textile. At textile, you can see a mixed environment. This beach is also gay-friendly and you can do surfing here too. The textile portion also has all the facilities like city beaches including restaurants.

  1. Benalnatura, Benalmadena:

Benalnatura is like a beautiful gem that is hidden among palms and trees. It is a designated naturist or nudist beach since 1976. This is also surrounded by pine groves and sand dunes. The naturist association of Spain is responsible for the good functioning and cleaning of the beach. This is a beautiful and tranquil place which has a beach bar, barbecue area, showers and toilets. This is a pure nudist beach and is often overcrowded.


  1. Gaudalmar beach, Málaga:

This is the nudist beach located in Málaga, which has a 3.5 km long stretch of dark sand. It has moderate and sandy waves. Since it is near the airport, therefore you can get a last minute tan.


  1. Almayate beach, Torre del Mar:

This is an extensive beach with a low construction density that is why it is quiet and secluded. It has a friendly atmosphere where you can be yourself. Moreover, it is a complete nudist beach with a nudist bar-restaurant. This is another gay-friendly beach.

  1. Alberquillas, Nerja:

This is a designated naturist beach where you can spend the day at the caves and afternoon on the beach. The beach has a protected driving area and consists of 75m cliffs. You can try Rio Chillar Walk here and there is also a section for optional clothing. It has great popularity which sometimes makes it overcrowded.


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