The Best Things to See in Málaga, Spain

the best things to see in malaga
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When we ask someone what Málaga is famous for, probably everyone would say that it is a perfect place for those seeking for sun and warm weather without relinquishing a visit to cultural hot spots. The extensive range of gastronomy, from tapas to fancy restaurants, is a plus.

In this list, DelPaso shows you the most interesting things to see and do in Málaga, Spain.

La Alcazaba

When talking about the best things to see in Málaga, Spain, a visit to La Alcazaba is not to be missed. It’s a palatial fortress from the Islamic period built on a previous fenician fortress. A reminder of the rich history of the city. Located at Gibralfaro’s foothill, close to the city center and Gibralfaro Castle, it is in a perfect place to reach it.

As soon as you step into the fortress, the many modifications it suffered upon the estances since the Reconquest are noticeable. Next to the entrance there’s the most interesting corner: a flat area called weapons square after the refurbishment where you can oversee the whole city.

Roman Theater

The Roman Theater is the archeological remain of the ancient theater and a preserved vestige of the Roman past of the city, one of the most interesting things to see and do in Málaga, Spain. Right at the historical center of the city, close to La Alcazaba, it mixes the utilization of the hillside for the seating area and an important construction where there is no rock.

Nowadays it is considered an Official Asset of Cultural Interest since 1972.

La Concepción botanical garden

La Concepción is the sole example of the English landscape style gardens. With more than 150 years history and being one of the few gardens with subtropical plants, it is part of the things to see in Málaga, Spain that you can’t afford to miss. It counts on more than one hundred and fifty thousand plants, two thousand tropical species and hundreds of palm trees. Apart from the huge collection of plants there’s an interesting historical garden created by the family Loring-Heredia.

If you want to know more about the botanic garden, read our post, Malaga Botanic Garden.

Málaga Mountains

Málaga Mountains are a mountain chain located 5 km afar from Málaga city that runs parallel to the Mediterranean Sea. In 1989 it was declared a natural park. With around 5000 hectares, it has some different routes for hiking.

In the mountains you can find some plant species such as holm oaks and cork oaks, as well as pines due to a later afforestation. The native vegetation, the night fauna and the hiking paths make Málaga Mountains essential in the things to see and do in Málaga, Spain list.

Café Central

Café Central is not just a café with folk ambient and local cuisine. Café Central is the most emblematic café of the city where the curious and classical way of ordering a café in Málaga was born.

In Málaga, there’s a name for every kind of coffee depending on the amount of milk and coffee. Trying the typical breakfast and ordering a coffee should definitely be on your things to see and do in Málaga, Spain list.

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