Is Málaga Hot All Year?: Temperature in Costa del Sol

temperature in costa del sol
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The Costa del Sol (literally means ‘coast of the sun’) is the part of the Spanish southern coast belonging to the province of Malaga. It has Mediterranean weather, with gentle, moderately blustery winters and sweltering, bright summers. In general, the temperature in Costa del Sol is warm all along the year.

The breeze blows every now and again: not by accident, the Costa del Sol used to be called Costa del Viento (“windy coast”). In the cold 50% of the year, the breeze blows alongside Atlantic disturbances, while in summer, it blows as an ocean breeze in the early evening. In the westernmost part (see Estepona), the Levante, the cool wind from the east, can blow in summer, however less oftentimes than in the area of Cadiz. When

Levante wind is blowing, the temperature in Costa del Sol turns colder.

Rainfalls aren’t bountiful and follow the Mediterranean pattern, which is the temperature in Costa del Sol. As a matter of fact, most rain falls from October to March (during autumn and winter, it can at times rain a ton, particularly in the western part like Estepona and Marbella), while in summer, it won’t ever rain. Additionally, precipitation turns out to be continuously less bountiful proceeding from west to east: the average reaches from 690 millimeters (27 inches) each year in Estepona, to 585 mm (23 in) in Marbella, to 525 mm (20.5 in) in Málaga, to 450 mm (17.5 in) in Nerja.

Climatological Information for Malaga, SpainLocation of weather station : 36.7 N, 4.5 W, altitude : 7 m

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Mean Temperature
(deg. C)
1961-1990 12.2 12.8 14.0 15.7 18.8 22.0 24.8 25.3 23.1 19.1 15.1 12.6
Rainfall Amount (mm) 1961-1990 82.9 74.9 59.1 39.5 23.4 13.3 1.5 5.3 14.7 54.5 115.1 97.5
Days with Rain 1961-1990 5.7 5.7 5.0 4.9 3.0 1.7 0.3 0.3 1.4 4.4 5.9 5.9
Mean Daily Sunshine
1961-1990 5.5 6.0 6.9 7.3 9.5 10.5 11.2 10.4 8.4 6.9 5.7 5.3

The temperature in Costa del Sol: The seasons


From December to February, is mild and is described by sunny periods alternating with some periods of bad climate, with wind and rain.

The temperature in Costa del Sol during winter is 18/20 °C. With the breeze from Africa, it might surpass 20 °C.

Freezing days are uncommon: just in the coldest evenings, the temperature can go down to the edge of freezing point, yet even in these cases, it normally rises 10 °C during the day.


From March to May, is mild and bright. The temperature in Costa del Sol during spring is around 30º C, especially during April and May.


From June to mid-September, is warm and sunny. Usually, temperatures in Costa del Sol hover around 28 °C in June and September and around 30/31 °C in July and August. However, when the breeze blows from the inside of Andalusia, the heat can become extraordinary, indeed, the temperature can reach 35/37 °C and sometimes up to 40 °C Luckily, in these cases, there’s a moderate breeze and the air becomes dry. The perfect time to eat the typical Malagueño dish, espetos.


From mid-September to November, is at first warm, and afterward turns out to be steadily milder, while Atlantic fronts become bit by bit more continuous. In October, there are as yet many warm and bright days, particularly in the main half. By November, we are well into pre-winter, really, the weather conditions are gentle, but at the same time, it’s not unexpectedly cloudy and rainy. At times, the rains are concentrated in a short time and can be heavy, especially in the western part.

In general, all over the year, temperatures in Costa del Sol are stable with mild and sunny days.

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