Most Beautiful Villages Of Malaga To Visit

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Málaga is a perfect place to do rural tourism. You may think that Andalucía is a perfect destination to enjoy the sun and beautiful beaches but it has much more to offer! Of course, Málaga is ideal for beach tourism. It doesn’t have the name Costa del Sol by chance. Also, if you decide to visit the region, you will discover its hidden gems.

We list some beautiful villages near Malaga to help you discover the area’s charms.


It’s without any doubt one of the most beautiful villages near Malaga. Located at Parque Natural de las Sierra de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama foothills, with a population of around 3000 people, it’s one of the smallest on this list.

Frigiliana stands out for its truly amazing views. Watching the sunset from a viewpoint is a highly recommended experience.

Also, Frigiliana is part of the White Towns (Pueblos Blancos), Malaga villages with Moorish architecture, narrow cobblestone pavement, maze-like streets, and whitewashed houses with balconies full of flowers.

Wandering through the old quarter is like travelling through time because its Arabian maze still persists nowadays. When talking about hot spots, el Palacio de Los Condes is a must! It’s a palace from the XVIth century, transformed into a sugar cane honey factory.

Frigiliana is just 6 km north of Nerja so you should consider visiting both Malaga villages!


Nerja was the village where Verano Azul (the famous 80s TV show) was filmed. It’s one of the nicest villages near Malaga or in Spain!

Two main things make Nerja an impressive place to visit: its beautiful beaches and the viewpoint called Balcón de Europa. It’s a round square that lets you enjoy the coastline views and see the cannons that once defended the area, used as a fortress in the past.

Outside the town, some caves have been discovered in the 20th century and hold some Neanderthal paintings, possibly the oldest paintings of humanity.

If you want to know more about Nerja, read our post about Nerja Tourism Guide.


One of the best-known Malaga villages, Ronda is a place worth visiting. It has the singularity of being built on a cliff and it’s surrounded by river valleys. The main feature of the city is Puente Nuevo, the bridge that connects the two parts of the city. It’s the most important monument that appears in every single picture of the city and offers spectacular views of the Tajo de Ronda.

As happens with the villages already listed, Arabian architecture had a heavy influence on the city. Here in Ronda, there are the Baños Arabes: thermal baths from the medieval time considered the best preserved in Spain.


With a population of more than 147000 people it’s one of the most important Malaga villages. Its main tourist attraction is Puerto Banús, famous for housing leisure areas and being the place for the rich people to go on holidays.

Marbella is divided into two main áreas: Puerto Banús and the Old Town.

The Old Town is part of the historic center and has some characteristic points such as whitewashed houses and orange trees along the Street. Beware, the oranges are not suitable for eating!

Puerto Banús is a luxury shopping complex on the coast where you can find a lot of yachts during summer.

These are some of the villages near Malaga to enjoy your holidays not only with beaches but with beautiful lookouts and stunning landmarks.  If you need to rent a car to visit the villages, contact us.

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