The best Benalmadena Beaches

best benalmadena-beaches
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Benalmadena beaches are perfect with sky, blue waters and have numerous services. They all have mid-range grade dark sand, except for the fine sand you find at Torrebermeja, Santa Ana and Malapesquera beaches. 

Most of beaches in Benalmadena have moderate waves, except if you go to Carvajal and Bil beaches where they’ve quiet waves that are increasingly fitting for minimal ones. Try not to hope to discover toilets anyplace aside from at Torrebermeja beach, anyway they all have showers. 

All Benalmadena beaches have simple access by either car or foot, except for Arroyo Hondo, where it is harder to get to. In case you want to go to them by car we have at your disposal our malaga car rental.

The majority of the beaches have impeded access other than La Viborilla, so stay away from this beach in the event that you need this service. 

In case you are hoping to lease a parlor seat or an umbrella you could go to any beach other than Torrequebrada, Torrevigía and Las Yucas. 


Torrevigía Beach

This is an extensive beach in perspective on the Hotel Torrequebrada. It has a lot of beach offices, for example, sun beds and parasols for lease and it for the most part an extremely popular beach, especially in high season, on the grounds that there is so much space. The sand is course and somewhat gravely.


torrevigia beach


Generally, Benalmadena was watchtower of coast known as ‘Vigia de la Costa’. At the moment the 3 watchtowers stay in proof are; Torre Quebrada, Torre Muelle and Torre Bermeja. Its exclusive expectations of cleanliness and amazing offices have been perceived by European Blue Flag grant. 


Santa Ana Beach

A man-made divider isolates the 500 meters long Santa Ana beach. Santa Ana is offers numerous offices, for example, sunshades and beach beds, open toilets and showers, just as offices for the disabled. Access to the beach is simple by car, by bus or by walking.

There are likewise many beach bars and restaurants to browse. This is a fairly busy beach, particularly in the high season, however there is stopping close by. There’s bounty to do, with many water sports to look over. This beach was granted the Blue Flag in 2012 and the Red Cross is available in the event of crises. 


Torremuelle Beach

This beach is sandwiched between the two lodging edifices La Hidalga and Valdeconejos. This dim sand beach isn’t up to much, however its one redeeming quality is the beach bar – Paco, which is popular and has numerous customary customers all the all year. 


Arroyo Beach

This beach is named as Arroyo de la Miel, in view of its situation at the bottom of Arroyo de la Miel city. This is an exceptionally popular beach among genuine swimmers. The beach has a long promenade, which runs directly along to the port and the Marina. 


Bil – Bil Beach

In case you’re in Benalmadena you may have known about the Bil-Bil stronghold; regardless, to get to this busy beach from Malaga you should take the N-340 road till you achieve the Bil-Bil palace, a red Moorish château arranged right in the center of Benalmadena Costa.


bil bil beach


The beach expands up and down the territory and you can leave your car in Avenida Federico Garcia Lorca which is arranged nearby. 


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